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Latest COVID-19 Information

Hello Aidan Clan,

Along with the whole country we will be moving to the new Traffic Light System on the 2nd of December from 11.59pm. At AIDAN we will be implementing the requirement of vaccine certificates as this is the safest way for us to bring artists and audiences together. 

This has come into effect sooner than we expected (thought we had time to put everything in place for the new year). Now we are getting ourselves ready to proceed safely with our December show.  This decision was made after much thought, consideration, guidance by our theatre community and the risk assessment made it clear that without requiring vaccine certificates we would be unable to operate at any level except green - this is not a viable option for us as a business nor in the best interests for our artists.

Aidan is committed to bringing artists and audiences together safely. This has meant following the health and safety advice of the Ministry of Health closely and catering this to our unique community group. As such we are also looking at ways we can continue to work with our unvaccinated family/clan safely in the new year.  We continue to look for ways to hold all our artists, creatives and team during this time. 

We hope our community will support us in this decision and work with us to keep doing and bringing the work to our community and wider South Island.

Love the Aidan team xx

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