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Marvellous Moments and Memories

Committed to the Performing Arts.

Aidan Theatre Company has been staging artistic performances in and around South Canterbury 2016. We have many fabulous memories of great collaborations, experiences and audiences. Below are some photo's of some of these memories.

Gallery: About Us

Snapshots of Projects

The Players have arrived
Summer Shakespeare
Mechanicals Tale
Romeo and Juliet
Summer Shakespeare
Much Ado
Nothing like a Dame - Christmas Pantomime
Boo the Baddie
Pantomime, Rapunzels friends
Rapunzel and Henchmen
Tired in the Woods
Merry in the Woods
Trip Audrey trip
The fixer of All things
Lets watch
Merry troupe
Do as You are told
P&P 070916-25.jpg
Does my bum look big?
Much Ado
Mid Summer Nights Dream
Importance of Being Ernest
Importance of Being Ernest
Importance of Being Ernest
Importance of Being Ernest
Warm Ups and getting a feel for the space.jpg
The Importance of Being Ernest
Macbeth meets the sisters again
Street Theatre 2 .jpeg
Street Theatre Timaru
Gallery: Portfolio
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