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 Kimble Henderson

Passionate and committed director, facilitator, mentor. Visionary, positive, solution focused, learner, collaborator and leader. Proven ability to take projects from concept through to completion.
Curious and observant. Responsible.

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Kimble Henderson is a Timaru based, professional Theatre Director, holding a Masters in Theatre Arts, Directing, from Victoria University of Wellington and Toi Whakarri NZ Drama School.

Her diverse work as a director, writer, speaker, tutor and in community projects is united  by a single goal to bring audiences together in a shared experience.

Kimble has been captivating, inspiring and growing the visibility of the role of the performing arts in the community since 2016 when she founded the Aidan Theatre Company, offering to Timaru a innovative way of building the work, impactful and distinct direction and providing something fresh for audiences.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information or questions email or

Work History since 2016

Director/Producer, Facilitator and Mentor 

Aidan Theatre 2016-present

Director – ‘DREAM’, Mid-Summer Nights Dream 2023

Event Organiser IGNITE Timaru 2022

Director/Writer ‘RED’, The story of Little Red Riding Hood, Christmas Pantomime 2022

Event Co ordinator IGNITE Timaru, First Friday Arts Festival Test project 2022

Director – Importance of Being Earnest 2022

Director – Timaru Summer Shakespeare As You Like It 2022

Director/Writer – ‘Rapunzel’ Christmas Pantomime 2021

Director/Producer South Island Tour ‘Too Much Punch for Judy’ 2021

Director – Legally Blonde – Showbiz Queenstown 2021 

Director – Romeo and Juliet (new adaption) 2021

Director – Too Much Punch for Judy – Road Safety tour – South Canterbury 2020

Producer – Macbeth 2020

Tutor – Hana Iti Youth Company 2020

Director – Annual Christmas Pantomime - Sleeping Beauty 2019 (In rehearsals)

Director – Twelfth Night - Festival of the Roses 2019 (In rehearsals)

Director – Romeo and Juliet 2019

Director/ New devised work - Legend 2019

Tutor – Drama -International School Korean Students 2019

Tutor – Craighead Kindergarten Drama 2019, 2020 (Term 4), 

Artistic Director – Hana Iti Youth Company 2019 -

Director – Much Ado About Nothing - Festival of the Roses 2018

Director – Peter Pan (2nd development season) 2018

Director – Too Much Punch For Judy 2018

Tutor – Master Class Adult Acting 2018

Tutor – Youth Acting Classes 2018

Director – Annual Christmas Pantomime Beauty and the Beast 2017

Director – Mid-Summer Nights Dream – Festival of the Roses 2017

Director – Peter Pan (1st development work season)

Director – The Dream Play - devised play 2017 (Feb –May 2017) for Ideal Services

Tutor – Master Group and One on One  Adult Acting 2017

Tutor – Youth Acting Classes 2018

Tutor – Children Intro to Theatre Classes 2018

Director – Annual Christmas Pantomime Cinderella 2016 

Director – Romeo and Juliet – Festival of the Roses 2016 

Producer – Pride and Prejudice 2016

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