What We Do

Aidan theatre is an independent theatre company with a big heart and one to keep an eye on. We love bringing to you our audiences stories from the fun and magical to the more serious.
We have a long-standing commitment to our artists and patrons; supporting the theatre community and generating greater public interest in the performing arts.
We offer something for everyone as well as work with our partners to create events that stay in audiences memories.


Aidan Theatre


Our vision is to inspire and connect with people, through the work, shared experiences and exceptional theatre. Leading, growing, connecting, to lead in the building of a robust performing arts scene in the South Island of New Zealand.


Creating theatre that is high quality and connects with people. 

Pushing boundaries, providing a space to grow our craft and our curiosity.

To always remember that performing and gathering together in a shared experience can have many faces,


Creating Intimate, engaging and inspiring theatre


Working as a team that generates and connects through the work, then the meeting together of performer, production team and audience in a shared space.

Developing skills of the individual team members, enriching and strengthening our voices, skills and imaginations.

Igniting a passion for the performing arts from the grass roots through to the professional.


Taking stories that hold a universal truth and adapting them for our audiences.

Creating new stories that reflect our voice, ideals and difficulties.

Getting our brave on, continue to be tenacious and make the work happen.


We are committed to continuing to stage a variety of shows that engage with our audiences, firing their imaginations and the sharing the possibilities of the theatre. 

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Christmas Pantomime Zombies
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Christmas Pantomime